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The baculum is a bone in the penis of the Dog which is stored in the abdomen and when needed, it is pushed into the fleshy part of the penis to provide the stiffness required for insertion into the vagina.

Bench Show

A Dog Show in which all the entered Dogs must remain on the premises throughout the show, even when not being shown, so that they can be viewed, and can interact with attendees and spectators. The Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show is an example of a benched show.

Benign Heart Murmur

Also called innocent heart murmurs, they can be heard in young puppies and resolve themselves by 4-5 months of age. They are usually heard during an appointment for early vaccinations. Re-checking the heart a few months later is needed to make sure the murmur is not still present. Benign murmurs are always graded a 1 or 2 in intensity out of a rating from 1 to 6. They are more common in puppies with narrow thoracic cavities. The following are terms that apply to benign heart murmurs and even though they may apply to "real" heart murmurs as well, they are always associated with innocent murmurs. Ask your veterinarian if the murmur is systolic, crescendo-decrescendo (diamond-shaped), or considered musical.

Best of Opposite Sex

After the Best of Breed Winner is chosen, the best dog of the opposite sex to the breed winner is selected. It is abbreviated as BOS.

Best of Winners

The Dog that is judged the better specimen between Winners Dog and Winners Bitch is awarded Best of Winners. (see Winners Class.)


Best in Show


Best in Specialty Show


Bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or GDV occurs when there is an excessive amount of air, foam or fluid accumulating in the stomach. The swelling stomach can rotate or twist its position between the esophagus and the large intestine, trapping the air, fluids and anything else in the stomach. However, Bloat can occur without torsion of the stomach. The expanded stomach leads to a series of complications including the obstruction of the flow of blood to the abdomen, severe dehydration,shock, septicemia and internal organ failure. Bloat can kill a dog quickly and requires immediate emergency intervention. Symptoms include pacing, unsuccessful and persistent attempts to vomit, over salivation and tight abdomen. Early symptoms include restlessness, obvious discomfort, a restricted gait and a tight abdomen.

Borrelia Burgdorferi

A spirochete (which comes from a distinct group of bacteria) responsible for Lyme disease. This spirochete gets its name from Willy Burgdorferi, who in 1982 isolated The Borrelia bacteria from ticks. Borrelia burgdorferi invades the blood of rodents, birds and other mammals. Ticks transfer the bacteria when they feast on deer, humans, dogs and other warm blooded animals.(See Lyme.)

Boswellia Leaf

Extract of Boswellia leaf has been used for centuries to treat pain and inflamation resulting from arthritis. There is evidence that it can reduce inflamation to improve joint movement and control osteoarthritis.

Bouvier des Flandres

A member of the herding group, the breed originated in Belgium and was found in large numbers in Holland and France. They were originally used for farm work, such as herding, and cart pulling. They are a highly intelligent dog and today are used for police work, tracking, and obedience as well as found in the conformation ring or at home as a family member. The Bouvier is a powerful, short-backed dog with a firm level topline, and a broad substantial head piece magnified by a full beard and mustache. They are double coated and able to endure harsh weather conditions, but do require weekly management of the coat. Color ranges from fawn to black with greys and brindles in between.


Having a skull and muzzle that is wide and short as seen in Pugs or Pekingese for example.

Breed Standard

The Breed Standard is a description of the "perfect" specimen in a particular breed, if there could be one. It is written and updated by the National Breed Club and used by the American Kennel Club as the guide by which to measure each Dog. Conformation judges use the Standard when judging Dogs in the ring. Dogs are competing against how well they measure up to the breed standard as much as they are competing against each other.


A mixture of colors in a dog's coat such as Black and Tan, Black and Grey, or light and dark shades of grey, in a Zebra or tiger stripe pattern.


Bromelain is extracted from the juice and stems of pineapples and in essence is a combination of protein digesting enzymes; a property that has made it a primary ingredient in meat tenderizers and a useful digestive aid. Bromelain has long been used in alternative medicine as an anti-inflamatory. The results of clinical studies are mixed, but there is evidence that it can reduce inflamation from tendonitis and arthritis and may contain chemicals that limit the growth of certain cancer cells.


An infection caused by the bacteria Brucella canis, transmitted between dogs through breeding or through oral contact with vaginal fluid, urine, semen, placentas or aborted fetuses.It normally affects the genitals and lymphatic system. Symptoms include inflamation of the testes and scrotum in males and abortion in females and usually leads to sterility. Blood testing and screening before mating can prevent infection of the disease. There is no vaccine or reliable treatment for dogs with Brucellosis although an intensive regimen with a combination of antibiotics is suggested.

Bulbis glandis

The bulbis glandis is the part of the Dog's penis that swells to lock the penis inside the vagina during breeding. It is sometimes visible as 2 bulbs on either side of the penis, under the skin, when the Dog is excited or just awakening, or for no "apparent reason" (See tie.)

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