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Gene Pool

The total sum of all the genes from all the individuals in a population. (See Allele)


The combination of genes that make up an Individual. Also called its genetic make-up. (See Allele)


Giardia is a protozoa that attaches to the lining of the intestines of its host. The most common symptoms are watery diarrhea, without blood, and sometimes vomiting. When giardia is passed from the body in the feces it develops a "shell" which enables it to survive outside the body for months. In this form they are called giardia cysts. The infection spreads when a Dog consumes contaminated water from a pasture or stagnant source, comes in contact with unclean surfaces in a kennel, licks its paws that have touched infected surfaces, or mouths any object that has been in contact with giardia cysts. Once the cysts are ingested, the outer shell breaks down in the digestive tract freeing the protozoa to travel and attach to the intestinal lining. A Dog will start passing cysts in about 1 week after infection and continue the cycle. Prescription medication is available to treat giardia and strict measures to ensure cleanliness are required in kennels and yards.


Glaucoma is a combination of eye diseases that result in increased pressure in the eye, and if left untreated leads to painful swelling and enlargement of the eye and ultimately to blindness. Glaucoma is almost always caused by limited outflow of fluid from the eye. Primary Glaucoma is inherited, whereas secondary Glaucoma is caused by an illness or injury that results in a decrease in the flow of fluid from the eye.


Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates are 2 of the building blocks that indirectly make up cartilage. When arthritis occurs, cartilage breaks down, and repair of the tissue does not keep up with the disintegration of the cartilage, causing impaired joint function and inflammation. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are given as supplements to Dogs and humans, with the idea being that the body will utilize the available glucosamine and chondroitin to rebuild damaged cartilage or at the very least, stop the breakdown of more tissue. Many believe that it also helps to minimize inflammation in the joint. It needs to be administered for several weeks before results are visible. Studies show mixed results. Talk to your veterinarian if you are considering dosing you Dog with glucosamine.


Goniodysgenesis refers to an abnormal iridiocorneal angle in the eye and congenital dysplasia of the pectinate ligament, both thought to be precursors of glaucoma. (See iridiocorneal angle, pectinate ligament, pectinate ligament dysplasia, glaucoma.)


An eye exam where the Veterinarian presses a special lens onto the eye using a protective lubricant gel to observe the Iridocorneal angle, (drainage angle) of the eye. They look to see how narrow or wide open the angle is, as well as look at the spaces between the thin strands (pectinate ligaments)to make a determination of the outflow capacity of the eye.

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