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Lutein is in the group of compounds known as cartenoids which provide pigment to plants and help protect them from damage during periods of excessive sunlight. Animals use Lutein as an antioxidant, and it accumulates in the retina, where in much the same way it protects the eye from strong sunlight. Lutein is found in large amounts in green leafy vegetables especially kale and also in eggs where it gives the yolk its bright yellow color. Studies have shown that lutein and another cartenoid, zeaxanthin, which also accumulates in the retina, help reduce the risk of macular degeneration as well as limited the growth of age related cataracts. Freeze dried organic kale powder added to your Dog's meal is a great way to supplement your Dog's diet with Lutein and zeaxanthin. (See cartenoids, zeaxanthin, macula.)

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