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The hair from the front of the skull, left longer in length to veil the eyes and part of the muzzle.

False Pregnancy

A false pregnancy occurs when an intact Bitch, that has not been bred, exhibits all the signs of pregnancy including nesting behavior, mothering stuffed toys, and even lactation. Symptoms usually occur around 8 weeks or so after the active heat cycle. In a normal pregnant Bitch, the corpus luteum is formed at the ovary, following the burst follicle, to maintain elevated levels of progesterone during the pregnancy. In unbred Bitches the corpus luteum usually disintigrates and the Bitch enters diestrus and anestrus normally. Sometimes the corpus luteum lingers, progesterone levels remain elevated, and the Bitch has a false pregnancy. In a wolf pack only the alpha female is bred and has a litter. The next dominant females in the pack often have pseudo pregnancies. This is to ensure that the puppies will be cared for should something happen to the mother. (See Corpus Luteum, Progesterone, and Blog article;Reproductive Cycle.)

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamins that are stored in the fat cells of the body and accumulate over time. These are Vitamins A,D,E and K.


Fawn is a light yellowish tan color in reference to a dog's coat.

Femoral Groove

The cartilage covered concave area at the lower end of the femur, at the stifle, that allows the Patella movement up and down when the stifle bends or straightens. A healthy femoral groove is lined with plenty of cartilage and deep enough to allow the patella to slide efficiently up and down.


The thigh Bone from the hip to the stifle; connected to the hip with the femur head and attached to the lower leg bone at the stifle with the cruciate ligament.


Fenbendazole is used to combat a variety of different intestinal parasites and is marketed under the brand name, Panacur. It is an effective wormer and a viable treatment for protozoan infections such as giardia. It remains in the body for a short period of time making it a safe alternative for puppies.


The characteristic placement of the tail to either side by the Female during estrus which signals receptivity to the male.


Thousands of different flavonoids are found in fruits and vegetables that have wide ranging beneficial antioxidant influence. There is evidence that flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects and are useful in combating allergies and certain cancer cells.


Fluoride is a toxic element added to public water systems in the United States to protect teeth from decay. Although it is deemed safe to use in the United States at the rate of 1 part per million, it is important to note that in many countries, it is prohibited to use in drinking water. Fluoride accumulates in the bone and is linked to osteosarcoma in young boys. Because it does concentrate in bone, feeds that include bone meal or meat meals have elevated amounts of fluoride.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is the synthetic supplement form for the naturally occuring vitamin called folate. It is important in the production of red blood cells, the formation of DNA and RNA, and vital for rapid cell division.(See vitamin B9)


A casing of cells around an unfertilized egg in the ovary.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Abreviated as FSH, this hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain and stimulates the growth of follicles in the ovary that contain unfertilized eggs. The follicles expand toward the surface of the ovary in preparation for ovulation.

Fovea Capitis

The normal flat part of the femur head.


In longer coated dogs, the furnishings refer to the length of hair on the legs, sternum, muzzle, thighs,undercarriage and tail.


Furosemide is a diuretic marketed under the name Lasix which increases the volume of liquid that is passed through the kidneys. It is most often prescribed by a veterinarian to help minimize the fluid around the heart and in the lungs that is often present with congestive heart failure. It is also used for fluid build up in the lungs not related to heart failure.

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