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Quantitative C6 Test

A test for dogs that have tested positive for Lyme infection. The Quantitative C6 measures the level of antibodies the dog has produced in response to the C6 Antigen which is highly specific for Borrelia Burgdorferi infection. (Lyme Disease) It can help guage how hard the body is working to combat the infection by measuring the number of antibodies it is producing. After treatment with antibiotics, the Quantitative C6 can measure the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy on fighting the infection.


A flavonoid found in apple skins, leafy green vegetables, onions and tea. Laboratory research has found that Quecertin has antihistimine and antioxidant properties and has been used to treat inflammation, arthritis and allergies. (see flavonoids, antioxidants)


The fleshy interior part of the toenail with blood vessels.It is very sensitive and very painful if cut when trimming nails.

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